“Seriously Slapstick”



Suitable For Ages 5-95

2, 9, 16, 23 February 2020 (15.00pm)

The Pit, VAULT Festival, Leake Street, Waterloo, SE1 7NN

AL DENTE THEATRE COMPANY presents The Misadventures of David and Sam.

A kaleidoscope of comedy-theatre featuring a unique little love story with a Cow - delivered through the best showmanship we can muster. Which is loads!


"A bit like Warhorse but with a Cow”

Rich Rusk (Associate Director, Gecko Theatre)


Join us, farmers, David and Sam, under the watchful eye of our rumbustious Gran, as we courteously portray to you our untold and epic adventures right here at VAULT Festival, in the flesh, at Waterloo.


We don't promise facts. We don't even promise to get to the end of the show but there's nothing to fear and nothing to lose because Granny Barbs will be there and she always keeps us on the straight and narrow. Always.


So bring you Granny and all your family because this is a show for big kids and other adults!

NEW 2020


We've created something that won't judge, won't ask you to be part of something you don't subscribe to, and will make individuals and their families welcome in warm spirits, nurturing them to feel joy for at least one hour of their lives. It's an opportunity for people to share, connect and spend time with one another while saying not much at all. 


What's unique about this production is that it's not a children's show, and it's certainly not an adult show - we fully expect to attract everyone, of all ages, to laugh their pants off together and smile their way through a theatre-comedy that is universal in spirit over context.

Previous Performances/Show's

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-Brighton Fringe Festival:

The Warren, The Nest.

-Edinburgh Festival Fringe:

Underbelly, Bristo Square, The Clover