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"The Misadventures of David and Sam is a complete laugh-a-minute comedy gold production which squashes in more gags than it can handle but somehow effortlessly land and have us smiling the whole way through, right up till we leave the performance space; Al Dente Theatre Company are certainly ones to watch out for in the future, and I truly hope this production has a long run in many future festivals."

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"The aim is to attract everyone, regardless of age, and to have them laughing their pants off together. And it certainly achieves this aim. Through a mixture of visual comedy and groan-worthy wordplay, this show has big kids and little kids laughing alongside each other."

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"The writers and director are comic geniuses and have created well-crafted organised chaos which is a delight to watch...These Misadventures are billed as entertainment for the whole family and it’s the most accurate advertising we’ve seen for a while. You can’t fail to be charmed and it's one of those rare comedies that people of all ages can enjoy without any need to resort to innuendo. It’s entirely wholesome, entirely silly and entirely hilarious."

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"Throughout the play's hour-long running time, they brought boundless energy from beginning to end, delivering remarkable performances in the process. Each actor showed a great range skills and versatility, and the different accents and characterisations depicted were all marvellous."

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