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After an outstanding premiere, farmers-turned-entertainers David and Sam are ploughing around the UK with their rambunctious comedy spectacular decorated with the absolute best showmanship they can muster. Which is loads!

A kaleidoscope of comedy-theatre, physical anarchy, completely chaotic magic and a unique little love story with a Cow.

"Join us as we courteously portray to you our untold and epic adventures. We don't promise facts. We don't even promise to get to the end of the show! So bring your granny and all the family because this is a SMASH HIT for big kids and little adults!"

RUNNING TIME: 55 mins without an interval. 

Recommend Age: 5+

A comedy for the faint-hearted! Unpopular paranormal TV show 'Proper Scary' celebrates its 500th episode with a filmed special in front of you, the live audience. Join us in the most haunted place on earth, a theatre, and be transported into horrifying comedy chaos.

After an outstanding VAULT 2020, Al Dente Theatre are back with a ‘smash hit’ comedy horror like no other!

With a kaleidoscope of comedy-theatre, supercharged anarchy, terrifyingly relatable characters and a unique little love story with a ghost. ‘Proper Scary’ promises to be a rip-roaring hour of raucous physical comedy.

Expect the unexpected as outdated tv host and inspiring thespian ‘Garry Thrills’ and his team battle against all odds to make it to the end of the show, as they navigate the unpredictable, paranormal world of ‘The Pit Theatre’ at VAULT Festival.

RUNNING TIME: 55 mins without an interval. 

Recommend Age: 15+




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